Battery Chargers For Electrical Cars

Are you the owner of an electric vehicle and you’d like the convenience and safety offered by an EV home charging station, talk to the electrical experts at Romo Electric, Inc. We are qualified experts in the selection of the most advanced, fully featured charging systems available, and provide professional residential electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation and service.

Back Up Generators

Thinking about a backup generator keep your home well lit and refrigerator running, no matter the weather? Considering the discomfort of having no lights and possibly having to replace your groceries, a backup generator is a very reasonable solution to keep your home in case of emergency. Our team at Romo Electric, Inc is the preferred experts in backup generator installation We also install backup generators to run security lighting, air conditioning, water heathers, and more. Whatever your goals for your backup generator, the team here at Romo Electric, Inc is here to help you finish the project. Just let us know your budget, your priorities, and what will give you complete peace of mind.

Install Lighting Fixtures

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor lighting repairs or installations? Maybe even upgrading what you have installed at your residence or business now? If so, Romo Electric, Inc has the certified technicians to do your commercial or residential lighting project. Romo Electric, Inc employees have the knowledge and experience to install recess lighting chandeliers and wall sconces. We also are able to install bathroom lighting under kitchen cabinets lighting and lighting to highlight highlight your outdoor landscaping. Romo Electric, Inc employees also are certified and qualified to install the latest technology when it comes to LED’s and all smart devices to control and brighten your lighting. Romo Electric, Inc believes in helping all their clients accomplish the best lighting solutions using the latest technology for a reasonable rate.

 Panel Upgrades

The most important safety point in your home is your electrical panel or so called breaker panel. The breaker panel distributes all your electricity to each individual room. If your circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis, feel hot or are humming, is a warning sign that is time to replace the breaker panel. Breaker panels might also need to be replaced due to outdated and not designed to handle the amount of electricity required for today’s lifestyle. Larger appliances, Kitchen remodeling, installing a hot tub or a pool are prime examples of today’s lifestyles. Romo Electric, Inc employees are qualified to install breaker panels and are able too answer any questions clients may have regarding the installation.

Celling Fans

Celling fans can make your home more comfortable and enhance the look of your home. At Romo Electric, Inc, we provide expert celling fans installed delivers benefits that your whole family will appreciate throughout the year:

Save Energy and Increase comfort in Summer

In hot weather, ceiling fans create cool breeze, making anyone nearby feel cooler. You can turn the thermostat up a few degrees to save energy and money without  compromising comfort. Ceiling fans also keep cool, conditioned air circulating to prevent rooms from becoming too damp or stale.

Save in Winter, Too

While your furnace runs in the winter, heated air rises and collects near your ceiling. Ceiling fans, set in reverse, make efficient use of that furnace-warmed air, pushing it back downward into living spaces.

Light up the Room

Most ceiling fans come equipped with overhead lighting. If yours does not have lights, your electrician can probably upgrade it with a lighting kit.

Useful Indoors and Outdoors

There are ceiling fans specifically made for patios and porches, where they can make backyard parties and BBQ’s more enjoyable and comfortable.


Versatile ceiling fans come in numerous designs to complement your decor in the kitchen, dinning room, bedrooms, front porch, living room, and other areas of the home. Homes with larger bathrooms or powder rooms often have ceiling fans installed along with exhaust fans. You can find almost any combination of fan size, features, number of blades, blade material, metal finish, and lighting styles. Properly chosen ceiling fans draw your attention upward to showcase ceiling detail and make rooms look larger.
Our goal is to come up with Safe, Quality solutions for the electrical tasks we handle, and make sure all of our work is completed according to Local State and Federal Codes. We offer a variety of Residential and Commercial Services, including:
* Electrical Repairs
* Lighting Installation
*Electrical Panel Upgrades
When you hire electrician from Romo Electric, Inc you can feel confident knowing that we’ll get the job done right the first time and with the best quality material , at the same time be respectful of your home and family.

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